Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet my new inspiration, Alisa Burke!

If you haven't yet discovered Alisa Burke I strongly suggest you run right over to her blog and see the fantastic work she's doing. I say work, because she is one of the lucky ones who left her day job just about 2 weeks ago and is flying without a net doing her art full time.
I happen to be thrilled to be taking a couple of her on line workshops, read her book cover to cover, am knee deep in this crazy playful process she uses which is all about cheap thrills, freedom and play - which is what I always want art to be. Don't you?
She also has an Etsy shop where you can score her items like this one pictured here. Don't you just love the graffiti chic attitude of it?
I haven't blogged too much lately. I am reading Sister Diane's (Craftypod fame) e-book on blogging and it has really gotten me thinking about what I want to accomplish with this project. I don't think the world is all that interested in my day to day life as an unemployed person stuck in the limbo land of having been a career driven wife and mother, to an empty nester on the verge of some big changes which could include a move. So I'm focusing on things we could all use a little more of in our life: INSPIRATION. Don't you just love that jolty all-consuming feeling of a new passion or project, friend you've just met, or job well done? I know I do. Just like I'm feeling right now with what Alisa is offering through her style of art and technique - a am inspired and it feels awesome. It's times like these that have me desperate to be in the studio making lots of mess and cranking out the projects. So let me know what's inspiring you these days. It's a feel good feeding frenzy!

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  1. kathleen, thank you so much for the mention in your blog!! xoxoxoxo