Wednesday, February 23, 2011

and then I woke up...

So yeah, here we are firmly planted in 2011 and feel like I've been somewhat asleep since before Thanksgiving.
Not that I've been lying around or anything.  There was plenty of  this:

and THIS:

a bit of THIS:

before we did THIS:

and then there was THIS:

(sorry for the poor quality)

and some of THIS:

and LOADS of THIS:

and then there was some of THIS:

and THIS:


So now we're well into February and my goal and To Do List need a good dusting off.  

Today's Best Thing EVA:  No Knead Bread
I'm not kidding, this works and is amazing.  I almost need to eat it all day long it's so good.  

One of the good things about living in St. Louis is that spring comes early.  We even had 80 degree temps last week for a couple of days.  It was crazy and we loved it!  But then the thermometer plummeted back to its normal number and we quickly closed up the windows and resumed the knitting, snuggling up to a movie, and napping routine.  

In the mean time I will continue making those long lists!  Preparing for the new season ahead is a wonderful exercise and although the thoughts of a magical but distant holiday season keep me warm every day, I can't wait to play outside more and dig around in my new garden.