Friday, July 24, 2009

Favorites on Friday

It's finally here! This freshly published book by Diane Gilleland (we all know her as Sister Diane and host of the awesome podcast, "Craftypod") just arrived on my doorstep this morning and I can not wait to dive into it. This easy technique book for fold and sew flowers in many styles with sooooo many ways to embellish everything on the planet is nothing but a big ol' pile of joy and inspiration! Beautiful photographs, easy directions, recycle opportunity (love that!) and page after page of "crafty goodness". Something for every age group too. I love that the "ingredients" are easily found and inexpensive. I hope you'll all check out this great book from a generous, hardworking great gal pal!

Oh wait....what's that in the background? Um is that a map? Why is there a map? Well, I might as well spill...We're pulling up tent stakes and heading west! To St. Louis. Never been there and will be moving there without even seeing it! Gotta really love a guy to do this...and I do. I love a fresh start and adventure. Both guaranteed in this story, I think. So if anyone out there knows someone I should meet in St. Louis, please let me know, cuz I need friends! Packing up my studio, kitchen, pups, and purses is going to be a BIIIIIG challenge... Better get to it.
But one more thing:

How cute are these? They are basically iron-on patches made in cute shapes. Pefect to add to a bag, jacket, jeans, pillow, or you name it. These came from rikrak and I highly suggest you support this lovely lady, but I think I'm also going to try making a few of my own using fusible web and some vintage prints I've been squirelling away for just such an occasion or project. I think it'll be a great way to use up all those scraps that are too small for even a quilt block and too nice to toss!


  1. St Louis does sound like an adventure, and you have exactly the right attitude. And lucky us, we get to be along for the ride.

  2. i can't wait to get my hands on that book! can't wait - can't wait!
    and rikrak's one lovely lady - i have one of her fabric journal covers.
    and i know a couple in St. Louis!