Wednesday, May 27, 2009

There are just so many things to make from treasures found in various places. Whether it's a fern to press into a book from the earth's floor during a Memorial Day hike, or a three footed box at a yard sale, the ill fitted designer shirt from the back of your closet that's just too good to part with, or a thrift store treasure that no one else can see the value of but you; the possibilities as they say, are endless. Today's treasure was small in its inventory, but my stash is starting to take over a spare bedroom, so I had to be somewhat picky. This dress, OMG what can I say, the amazing trim, with beads and bells, goes all the way from the shoulder/neck to the hem (mid calf) and then there's more around the sleeves. The fabric is heavy and gorgeous with a great mixed print of indigo, plum, and gold. I can not wait to play with it. I'm thinking a bag, or an apron, or both - there's that much. Let me know if you've got ideas.


  1. I vote for a bag - I think it will make a fabulous bag!

  2. An apron would be great but also some sort of cover up for the beach if you like the beach. Perhaps a head wrap or kerchief type of hat.