Monday, February 1, 2010

I love a pin!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I HEART pins.  For some reason, they really speak to me in ways that other jewelry doesn't.  

Sometimes it's a chocolate poodle pin that I found on Ebay.  I have a chocolate poodle and wearing "her" on my chest, close to my heart is a way to express my love for her. 

Sometimes my pin is a campaign button.
Sometimes my campaign is a cause:

I have pins (and buttons) for just about every mood, holiday, season, and occasion!  And I have a lot of fun finding them in my travels, online (esp ETSY) and of course,making them.
TIP:  If you don't want to poke your shirt, thread your pin onto a chain and wear it like a pendant!

I wear this one to knitting group.  Isn't it adorable? I bought in here.
Here's a needle felted heart pin HOW TO:
  • Pick a pleasing mixture of wool roving and blend it lightly - keeping it in its lengths.  Or use a plain, solid color.
  • Find a cookie cutter in a small heart shape.  The one above is approximately 2 inches at the widest width.
  • With a single or multiple needle tool, felt the roving into the inside of the cookie cutter.  When you can, remove the cookie cutter and continue felting with the need smoothing it out.
  • Continue until nice and smooth. And then do some more cuz you want it very nice and smooth!
  • Embellish with beads, buttons, charms, silk flowers, or mixture of all. I used a sewing needle and thread and burriend any stitches toward the back.
  • Add a pin back with small stitches or glue.  (Note:  I sandwich a small piece of commercial felt between the pin and heart for added strength and stability.