Monday, March 21, 2011

Springtime and renewed

Most people who head out to Monday through Friday jobs are not that fond of Mondays.
Right now I am not one of those people and am somewhat privileged to work from home listening to books on tape and podcasts for about 6 hours per day.
I also get to do my laundry while I work.
It all sound great, but I am pretty isolated, what with no water cooler chat, complimenting the new earrings, or asking about how the anniversary dinner went.  I miss that.  I miss getting dressed for work.  I know, I'm a  real odd ball, but I'm a girl who likes to wear her knitted stuff out and I am literally all dressed up with no place to go.  Except Sunday, when I go to church.

 Lately, I'm a bit over dressed.  

I woke up to 66 degrees this morning.  It's promising to be a glorious day and I have spring energy (what spring fever mellows into with age.)  This weekend windows were washed, rugs were shampooed, the yard was raked and combed, lists were written.  And there were walks, and the grill was checked over, and the windows were open all weekend.  

We have two sets of company arriving in early April and I am enjoying the planning processes for each.  Making special welcoming spaces for the people I love feeds my need to nurture.  At this stage in my life with no children running around, and no grand children find I have all this good love energy that needs a picnic ground.  So I'm thinking about plugging it into some good volunteer work.  I needs to get out of the house and there in this troubled world I feel I can wear my Superknitter Ninja cape out to do some good.

So, that's my challenge for the week while I continue to air out the wintery  dust from my little corner of  the planet.

Today's Best Thing EVA:  Knit a Journey Podcast  I have really enjoyed Susan's philosophical and approachable way of connected people through bits and chatter of daily life and of course, knitting.  If you enjoy listening while crafting, give Susan a try.  

Be well.  Do some good.