Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Move This From That

Greetings everyone! So sorry it's been so long, but I'm moving! Actually my husband has already moved and I'm just waiting for the truck to come and take the rest of our belongings and furnishings to our new digs.

The last month has been about MAD renovations to our kitchen (note "before and after" pics) and finishing projects around the place in order to put the ol' For Sale sign out front pronto.

The emotional rollercoaster is a blast, let me tell you, but I find that talking to yourself constantly is like having an imaginery friend and you can abuse them without recourse.

The computer will soon be disconnected and loaded onto the truck, so I'll be out of touch for a bit. So much to write about and I promise I will entertain you all with amusing (horror) stories from the experience.

In the meantime, don't wander off. I need you!


  1. Dang, that kitchen looks so pretty now, it seems a shame to leave it. :-)

    Nothing can discompose a person more than home renovations. Or, moving cities. Here's hoping the relo and the re-settling goes smoothly.

  2. the kitchen turned out great! good luck with the move and 'see' you when you arrive!

  3. Wow! I can't believe you're doing this class in the middle of your move! The kitchen looks fantastic. Right up my alley, Kathleen.