Friday, June 5, 2009

Butterflies signify Transformation

To me, nothing signifies transformation more than a butterfly. I mean, going from being a worm into something so lovely and delicate simply by wrapping up in some handspun and going to sleep is my idea of fantasy.
After finishing this cake for a customer (from my catering days who still calls me) I added that little pink butterfly to the card. A new teacher is born.
Today is Finish It Up Friday and the list of things I have started this week is so long it will cause me to drink wine at 8:30 am this morning if I attempt to list it all, so I'm going to skip that and move right on into it.
The weekend is upon us and I love all that it has promised, beginning with my husband coming home from a week long business trip that has spanned 10 weeks and I will celebrate with a couple of chicks tonight on a deck to be named later.
Baseball, grills, art, and swinging are all on my agenda for this one.

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