Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goodwill A Go Go

Sometimes you walk into Goodwill with one thing on your mind...
That's right.
See, I needed a cheap crock pot to help launch my latest endeavor - yarn dying.  For over a year now I've been collected the lion's share of tools and supplies needed to dye my own fiber. 
  •  Too many  A few books with detailed instructions and color photos written at 2nd grade level...check
  • Fiber in several weights...check
  • Assortment of dyes...check
  • Funky chemical things like vinegar and sinthrapol...check
  • Rubber gloves....check
  • Measuring devices that won't get used for food anymore...check
  • Drying rack...check
  • Enthusiasm....check....always check...
Big pot to mix it all in....crickets....crickets...

So I figured Goodwill was a good place to start looking for a good sized crockpot or pasta pot.   Heck, any excuse to go to Goodwill I say.

Imagine my surprise when wandering in the household goods department in search of just the right implement,  when I spotted
these little gems all near each other!

So, into the cart they went and a new supply list started playing out in my head....

"I have two white shot glasses from Pier One that still have the tags on them...."

"I'll give it all a good scrub and dry"

and then stick it all together with some Gorilla Glue two part epoxy!

So that's what I did...

  and they all lived happily ever after...