Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today Is the First Day of the Rest of My Blog Life

So to celebrate...we're making lunchbox napkins of course!
These beauties were once a man's dress shirt and I found it on half price day yesterday at the Salvation Army for a mere $.99.
Come back tomorrow for a complete tutorial on how to make them yourself! If you too are one of those wonderful people who walk to school and carry your lunch and want to stop using paper napkins to save those awesome things we like to call TREES, here's something fun and easy to make. Lunchbox napkins are smaller than a dinner napkin, but bigger than a cocktail napkin - about 9 inches square. There will be a selection of them for sale this weekend on my brand new Etsy Shop. So this next pic looks like guy shirts hanging on the line on laundry day right? NOT. These babies will be sliced up into lunchbox sized napkins to take to work - I make them in packs of 5 (okay, do the math, 1 for each week day) and they get tossed into the laundry on the weekend ready to go for Monday again! (Note: If you are fortunate enough to only do laundry once every 2 weeks, you might want to buy/make 2 sets...)

So in the mean time, let's take time to get to know each other. I welcome your comments and emails!
Day 1 and there's a LOT to do and talk about. The purpose of this blog will be to provide me (and now you) with an inspiration station on
the train ride of crafting life with upcycling in mind.
As I dreamed up this blog ( I had a false start with a blog already and ran it off into a ditch somewhere, but I think this is way better and it's got a purpose.) anyway, as I dreamed up this blog I filled three pages of a spiral bound notebook with ideas for transforming (or upcycling to use the buzz word) things from our stash, trash, and treasure hunts that we can transform into beautiful, and hopefully really useful new things. I know, right? Isn't that great? I am very excited. If you love to shop, have no money, and long for more creativity in your life - welcome!

So let's get started. (Note to self: I may need to add a website to all this, cuz there's a lot of categories and things to cover. But we'll see - I don't know how yet... )
And please note that I am CLUELESS about this social networking Internet technology. Wish I had a 7 year old who could teach it to me. But I am spending massive amounts of time on line trying to pick it up here and there and I've got the beginnings.
Stopping by (and hopefully subscribing to) this blog means you are hungry for inspiration, the meaning of daily life, humor, recipes for food - cuz we gotta eat right? and you have no idea what to have for dinner cuz you've been crafting all day, and especially to reuse what you may already have, or can hunt for in cool and interesting new ways.
I know everyone likes visuals, so there's going to be plenty-o-pictures expressing how I really feel and can't say in words. I am a visual learner, so will pass that on to you by using lots of pics in my tutorials. Always wanted to be a teacher, but was told by Mr. Madden (el Guidance Counsellor in 1973) that they were a dime a dozen. Heavy sigh. And go figure, here's my big chance. Let's hope I don't blow it!
Catch you tomorrow. Dust off your sewing machine, paint brushes, and workbench.


  1. Yes, it does look as though we have a lot in common, I'll come back and visit.

  2. I love these napkins! will u be making dinner ones, too? check out my blog - i posted a ton of links for starting out. and follow me! check out the etsy trashion team, too! following you on twitter now...tweet when you've got these up!

  3. i found your blog from sister diane's tweet about your oreo truffles. and even though i don't eat sugar - i wanted to see how to make something with only 3 ingredients!

    and lo and behold - you feature my favorite activity - crafting from reclaimed materials!!! keep up the great work and i'll be linking to some of your projects from my blog at!