Friday, May 29, 2009

Finish It Up Friday

A wise woman named PEACHES said that if you start something new on a Friday you'll never finish it. So I'm declaring it "Finish It Up Friday" and the list (okay, PILE) of things to finish is longer than they allow in these blog posts! I think there should also be a "one sock sunday" or something too cuz I've got a few single socks about to be finished before starting into the second.

I think I may be officially done knitting things that have to be seamed. This is not a fun part of knitting for me and I am paying a lot of attention to all things knit in the round on my future projects. The lovely, tweedy, unfinished looking sweater above is actually cotton and will make a nice addition to my summer wardrobe. But first I have the arduous task of putting it together and adding the button band - another non favorite part of knitting. I'm considering making some buttons from poly clay so I can say that the entire garment is made by moi.
Spent a cool and lovely evening in my workshop last night playing with paint and mixing media in new ways. Found a bamboo tray at Salvation Army this week that I am upcycling into a really cool serving piece for saki or tea - or wall art if that's your decor. Stay tuned, it'll be up soon and over in the Etsy shop for a great bridal shower or birthday gift.
On The Menu Tonight
Well, since it is Finish It Up Friday, I'm using some cooked chicken meat to make a chicken pot pie with fresh coleslaw to go with. I'll use crack-open crescent rolls for the top crust and a bag of mixed veggies instead of chopping my own. A bechamel sauce (2 Tbsp butter melted with 2 Tbsp flour cooked to thickness) gets 1 cup of chicken stock, 1 tsp thyme, the frozen veggies and chicken meat and it's made! Arrange the rolls on top and bake at about 350 for around 20 minutes, or until the rolls are nicely browned. It's a real time saving recipe, but I'll need that to get all those projects FINISHED today! They key is to have the cooked chicken meat on hand. You can use a store bought rotisserie bird or cook up a few bone in chicken breasts and bag up the meat for the freezer for future needs. Either way, it can be a quick meal that everyone will love.

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  1. Hi,
    I like you feel like I have things unfinished. Actually I just wrote that in my morning journal. My armour is not finished being stained, my living room wall has one color and another painted on top because I decided I did not care for the color, and I have a 4x4 foot folk art painting that is not finished. I may take your idea and work on these things on Fridays!