Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Someone's Birthday

So here's the deal:
Let's pretend it's someone's birthday and you're out for breakfast or lunch somewhere.  The  birthday person is ordering a cinnamon roll or a piece of cake and you're all sitting around enjoying the moment and it's nice, but it's...well it's a BIRTHDAY.

Or maybe you're caught off guard.  Let's say it's an ordinary lunch and then someone goes and spoils it all by saying something stupid like, "It's my birthday."  Oh so now we're supposed to buy your lunch or something? I am unprepared.  I have no gift.  I have $3 in my checking account because my kid goes to college and I'm broke all day every day.  Maybe.  It could happen.

A birthday has certain elements that make it special and "hey happy birthday" is sometimes lame especially if you're in a restaurant and the reason you're ignoring your 5000 emails while downing a quick Wendy's is to be there for this person's big day.  What's big about it? It looks like every other day to me.

You need CANDLES!  yes that's right.  As soon as you bust out the flame, it's a party.
So who carries around candles all the time?
Well, as of today...I DO and so can you.

Introducing the 
courtesy of Altoids.
Never be at a loss for fire again.  

Here's all you do:

1.  Empty a small Altoids tin. (Scrabble tile is for size reference)

2.  Spray paint the lid.  I taped off the base so it would continue to slide easily.  No biggy.

3.  Then I laid a little tissue paper in the bottom to keep things from moving around too much.  You could use fabric, or scrapbook paper, cotton, or nothing if you choose.

4.  I put a green and pink candle in there (boy girl thing) and
a couple of "strike anywhere" matches.
Then I put a couple of cute stickers on the top and called it ADORABLE!

It lives in my makeup bag.
And I never leave home without it.
I am prepared for any birthday emergency!

And that kinda is a biggy.

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