Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just a Day

It's been sort of a disjointed day.  Work and listening to podcasts - right now it's The High Fiber Diet.  The lady who hosts it has a husband deployed to Afghanistan right now.  She's the closest person to me who is in this situation and she doesn't even know me.   I commented on her blog that she's in my thoughts today.  Just sayin.

Marie Osmond was on Oprah today talking about her son who killed himself last February.  Tough to get through when you have a child close to that age and recognized some of the signs during certain moments of those rocky teenage years.  My heart ached for her.


So this picture is of one of my house mates.  He (or she) lives between my screen and storm window over the kitchen sink.  I say "he" only because there seems to be a somewhat masculine demeanor (although the same could be said about Ellen Degeneres I suppose...)  I think he's a spider, but he looks a bit like a lobster too with those big claws coming out the front.  He doesn't show up every day, but he's gotten a little bigger since I first saw him almost a year ago.  So far we get along.  I leave him alone and he leaves me alone.  Frankly I'd prefer him to be a hummingbird, but hey.

I made a big pot of chili today.  The weather continues to be warm, but it seemed right.  I'm in the mood for Paula Deen food right now.  And curling up with this shawl around me.

Dave and I got back to P90X after taking a couple of weeks off.  It feels good to be working out on a regular basis again.

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