Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chalk it up to a Monday Thing

  • Yesterday was one of those days where you have to really step back and ask yourself what you learned from it.  

Coming out of our really great weekend I hit the Monday ground running.  Laundry flew from the hampers, dishes whizzed to their respective positions, and clutter was lassoed and corralled in almost every room.  My normally 5 hours of computer work turned into 6 hours (my choice) but because of the long breaks I took to tend to house stuff (read: DISTRACTION) it took me right up to 6pm leaving no time for dog walking since it's now DARK at 5pm.

I did prepare a lovely chicken pot pie for Dave out of Sunday's roast chicken - using crescent rolls for the topping - his fav.  And I decided to make myself a vegan casserole from Alicia Silverstone's cookbook, The Kind Diet.   I've made several recipes from her book and they have all been really really good - even Dave-the-Omnivore approved!  I craved The Barley Casserole  during all hours, the chocolate-peanut butter cups were a rich daily indulgence for a week, and her use of good, whole ingredients always makes me happy.  But I need to state firmly here and now that I DO NOT LIKE POLENTA!
This casserole had a kicked up polenta topping that tasted (to me) like child's sandbox scrapings.

( In the past I've purchased those cute little compact logs of polenta in the produce section of the store and expertly sliced them, fried them, and topped them with wonderful melanges of veggies, cheese, and herbs only to spit it into the trash.  I should have known.  Somehow I thought it was going to taste like a cornbread topping.)
 It didn't. 

I hate wasting food, but this is inedible for me and I have to let it go.

As I drove to the office at 7:00 I had a short but firm discussion with myself about the day.

  • Lesson One:  Set timers for break times and don't answer the phone, knit, watch TV, or clean the house.
  • Lesson Two:  Don't expect every recipe trial to be awesome.  There are going to be some duds, especially when wading into new vegan waters using ingredients I'm not familiar with.
  • Lesson Three:  Things did get done, I just have to look around to notice.
  • Lesson Four:  Tomorrow's another day, so just get over yourself.
I will use leftover veggies from the casserole debacle to make a new veggies saute of cauliflower, peas, asparagus, and corn, mixed with a lovely pan gravy and poured over mashed potatoes.  BRILLIANT!

And Nick's first sock is almost done, the laundry is half way to finished, and my dogs still love me.

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