Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

So you’re going along, having a life and thinking you’re busy and couldn’t possibly squeeze one more item on your To Do list, and you move to a new home, city and state and then realize you were NEVER busy, but now you are not only busy, but you are busy in a place with nothing familiar about it what-so-ever.

Where have I been? I’ve been moving from PA to St. Louis, MO. I barely had time to unpack some things in order to function and then it was time to have Christmas! Yikes.
After a terrific and meaningful holiday with Dave’s family that involved 15 hours of driving EACH WAY (double yikes) I was pretty happy to turn the calendar page on this year and now am feeling a little more at ease about my situation. No need for big resolutions, but a simple game plan and big dive into the energy pool.

There are many blessings to count every day and so I start every day by giving thanks. After that it’s time to map out the “MUST DO” things on my day. I try to get some exercise, eat good, fresh food, and knit a little every day to keep me feeling in control when it all feels like a very big sprint to get so much done.

This blog is really important to me, so here I am making it a priority again.
I hope you’ve all been well and that you are ready to learn some new things or get inspired in your own life by the things I’m getting into.

So today was a day for changing over files and paperwork, wrapping up 2009 and preparing for a visit to the accountant who is in for some fun times when he or she goes over our stuff which is a wee bit more complicated this year!

After lunch I took a few minutes to cut up my old calendar. As many of you know I’m a huge fan of Susan Branch – artful author of joyful lifestyle books with amazing recipes and decorating ideas and maker of very cool things you can glean from her website and retail places. So I just couldn’t bear to throw away her calendar with so many lovely pictures and inspiring quotes all over it.
I just grabbed the paper scissors and cut away. The cuttings all got tossed into a flower pot for me to grab and insert into a letter, package or make up into a special one-of-a-kind gift tag. The pages are made of heavy weight paper and are a perfect candidate for recycling. Of course if you get one of these calendar clippings from me you might also know when Dave went to Cincinnati last month or what day I got my hair done, but that’s okay. You’ll most likely tack up the fun side on your bulletin board and enjoy its joy. So look at your calendars, if you happen to have a cool one, and start cutting!
See you soon.

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  1. WELCOME BACK! And happy new year in your brand new home state!
    Your photo of your cut up calendar is creating a huge conflict between the two sides of me - the one who like you sees potential for reuse and the part that has a huge stack of beautiful calendars she just can't part with!

    Thanks for the link to Susan's site! Headed back there right now!